Trailer Buddy – A Must-Have Upgrade For Your Wheel Hubs

Trailer Buddy is a sleeve that fills and pressurizes your wheel hub’s bearing chamber for easy greasing without disassembling the hub. It’s also a great way to keep water, dirt, and debris out of your hubs.

Rather than a typical dust cap,  The Trailer Buddy has a fitting on the outside edge to accept a grease gun and pumps in the wheel bearing grease. It’s a simple, yet very useful upgrade for your trailer. The blue indicator ring protrudes to indicate the Bearing Buddy is full of grease and recedes when it needs more. It’s a much easier, faster, and safer way to maintain your trailer’s hubs than the alternative of removing the Castle nut, washer, and bearing seal every time you need to service your wheel bearings.

Trailer Buddy can be installed on all standard and some specialized wheel hubs, including the popular Qeridoo Kidgoo multi-sport trailer. The German-engineered trailer is incredibly smooth in stroller and jogger mode, and has an amazing peek-through window up top for all the views your toddler will want to see on their next adventure.

While it isn’t a Trailer Buddy, the Qeridoo Kidgoo trailer also comes with a removable rain cover secured by Velcro for all-weather protection. Burley’s lower-end Coaster and Cadence models also have a rain cover available as an accessory, but its higher-end Lite and Cross models come with an integrated sunshade that easily slides up and down the front metal rails of the trailer. It’s a much more convenient and effective option than a standard umbrella because it covers all the seats and canopy for superior sun protection. It’s also a must-have for any parent who’s ever woken up to find their child covered in puddles after an unexpected rainfall.

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