Socialization With Your Puppy Training

Puppy training is a process of acquiring skills necessary for establishing a good relationship with your puppy. It has become one of the most popular activities among new puppy owners. Puppy training involves teaching a puppy to walk, stay and sit on a leash. It also involves the process of house training. Dog training includes controlling unwanted behaviors like barking, begging, jumping, biting, whining and other unwanted habits.

puppy training

The first step is to define acceptable behavior for your puppy. In the internet you can find plenty of resources about puppy training, especially those that focus on ways of conditioning your puppy to be obedient. There are also many dog magazines and websites that offer information about puppy training. You can also use your favorite search engine to look for more puppy related information. Dog enthusiasts worldwide are constantly researching for new training techniques and finding the best dog food treats that helps puppy in his everyday activity as well as make him smarter.

For example, if you want to teach your puppy to sit and stay, then the first thing you have to do is to put a leash on it, keep a close eye on it at all times, and use positive reinforcement. It is better not to shout at the pup because this will teach him to ignore commands. When a puppy ignores commands he/she may start to chew things. Instead of shouting at the pup to stop chewing objects, you can place your fingers close to it’s mouth and tell it “no” in a firm voice, in such a way that it understands what you mean.

If your pet doesn’t listen when you give orders the whole day, you should start to walk it on a daily basis. During the training period, make sure that you teach the dog the commands of sit and stay and other basic tasks. Your pet will learn fast if you give it something interesting toys to play with or give it rewards. Dogs are highly receptive to praise, therefore you should always praise your pet for good performance.

One of the most important part of puppy socialization and obedience training is socialization with other dogs and people. You can introduce them to each other during potty training but also outside of the home. You can play with your puppy and other dogs as well as other people during socialization. Puppies especially at puppies stage don’t know how to deal with new people, animals and other things so it’s better to put them at the safer side while socializing. When your puppy successfully goes through the socialization training program then you will find out that they have developed a good sense of who they are and they know when someone is threatening them or else the surroundings.

In general, the dog is taught to ignore commands such as sit and stay and instead learns to listen and obey using specific cues such as voice and body language, gestures and food held. It is also important to teach your puppy to come when called by you using a single command such as the heel or sit which means the puppy is going to do one thing and then stop whatever he is doing to come to you when called. This is why using food as a reward is very useful when training your puppy and if you think you can handle giving a small treat every time then go ahead and do it.