ILO NDIS Kallangur

Individualised Living Options are flexible NDIS support arrangements that give you the freedom to live the way you want. You can choose whether you’ll live alone, share with housemates, or reside in the home of a host and still receive all the formal and informal support you need to reach your goals.

ILO NDIS Kallangur can help you explore your options and design your own living arrangement that best meets your needs. ILO is a good option for participants who are looking to build strong relationships and have ongoing connections with people. It is also ideal for participants who prefer a less structured lifestyle and are more likely to be active in their community.

Isolation can cause significant emotional and psychological distress and has been linked to ILO NDIS Kallangur health issues such as depression, substance abuse, mental health difficulties and physical health problems. Having social connections can improve your quality of life and your wellbeing, so it is important that your ILO supports encourage you to participate in the community and get involved.

The ILO NDIS plan includes two stages; Exploration and Design, and Putting Your Supports In Place. During the exploration and design stage, you will work with your support coordinator and providers to explore what kind of living arrangement suits you. This might include gathering information about your personal interests, strengths, and goals. You will also develop a service proposal which will include the details of your supported accommodation, primary and supplementary supports and a quote of costs.

This can be done in consultation with your support coordinator, nominee or My Support. You can also find this form on the NDIS website and can have someone assist you to complete it.

Once you have your ILO plan, it is time to put your supports in place. This will include a variety of things like;

ILO works alongside your existing supports, which means you may continue to use any informal supports you have such as family or friends. It will also work with any other funded supports that you have in your plan, such as assistive technology or community participation supports.

ILO is different from Supported Independent Living (SIL). SIL involves paid personal supports and is often used in group living arrangements. It is more suitable for participants who need higher level of support, including 24/7 care. However, if the NDIS considers ILO reasonable and necessary for your needs, it will be included in your plan as “Individualised Living Options – Support model” and not SIL.