How to Create a Chatbot in Indonesia

It is possible to create a chatbot to answer your questions using In Indonesia, this can be done using bots designed by various companies, such as Alfamart, Lenna, and PetaBencana. However, if you do not know how to develop a bot, you can check out these helpful tips. Listed below are some of the most popular bots in Indonesia. Read on to discover how you can make your chatbot stand out from the competition.


Founded in 2009, AI-based start-up Botika has introduced a chatbot that is able to understand and respond to questions in Bahasa Indonesia. Founder Ditto Anindita says the bot is the next generation of customer service in Indonesia. The bot will be available on Facebook Messenger, Line Messenger, Telegram Messenger, and soon, Slack. Botika acts as a virtual assistant and creates one central dashboard that integrates several social networks.

The Resbakuna sa Botika is an additional vaccination point located within the city. Its goal is to provide free vaccination to as many as 10,000 people every day. The vaccines are administered to approximately 100-200 people each day. The service is provided by Southstar Drugstore and its cooperating pharmacies. The vaccines are administered to a variety of individuals, including pregnant women and children. The resulting response time is faster than usual.


The PetaBencana chatbot in the Indonesian city of Jakarta uses social media to collect flood reports. By clicking a link in the chatbot, users can submit the flood data and watch the data become a real-time flood map. With its unique social media connections, PetaBencana can help responders save time and resources by allowing them to reach millions of people at the same time.

The petabot was originally designed by a research team in Australia called PetaJakarta. The software is open-source and based on CogniCity, a system for creating mega-city-scale visualisations. The team recruited Mahtani in 2016, and they quickly expanded to other Indonesian cities. The team soon founded the PetaBencana foundation, with Mahtani as the director.


If you are looking for a new way to engage with your customers, consider using a chatbot such as Lenna. Lenna is an artificial intelligence-based chatbot platform that can resolve customer queries 24 hours a day. It also features self-service technology, which enables Lenna to adapt to customers’ needs as well as their preferred mode of communication. In addition, Lenna can be deployed across multiple omnichannel channels, including Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, and Telegram.

The AI behind LENNA is a conversational agent that can generate appropriate responses for different types of situations. She can learn and remember emotions and react appropriately based on these. She also learns from its interactions with people and can recognize a human’s mood and tone of voice. As a result, LENNA is highly engaging, even when people don’t recognize her. But she’s also capable of developing a unique personality of her own.


ALFAMART, the largest retailer in Indonesia, aims to be a global competitor while providing small entrepreneurs with the tools to succeed. The company has over 10,000 stores throughout Southeast Asia, including Indonesia, and their latest innovation is a chatbot, Salma, which handles customer complaints and offers assistance for a variety of shopping needs. The company started in 1989 and has its headquarters in South Tangerang, Banten. Its chatbot is available on LINE, where it has gathered over 16 million followers, making it the most popular shopping assistant in Indonesia.

Shalma, the AI virtual assistant created by Alfamart, can provide information to consumers and offer special offers based on their profiles. Shalma is accessible through Alfamart’s LINE account, which has over 16 million followers and is one of the largest potential chatbot user bases in Indonesia. Alfamart strives to know the needs of consumers and makes its promotions more relevant to their needs. Shalma provides a holistic experience, enhancing the customer service experience, delighting customers with daily promotions.

Bahasa Indonesia chatbots

The benefits of implementing a Bahasa Indonesia chatbot cannot be overstated. Whether your website caters to local customers or you want to reach a global audience, a chatbot in the Indonesian language can be very beneficial for your business. For example, customers in Indonesia tend to be more comfortable initiating a conversation in their native language. Moreover, the Indonesian consumer base is the fastest growing market in the world. Moreover, a Bahasa Indonesia chatbot can make customer service in that language much more efficient.

A multilingual Bahasa Indonesia chatbot can shorten the shopping cycle for both local and international customers. Moreover, it can assist in customer support queries and resolve issues automatically. Multilingual chatbots are a great solution for any eCommerce business that caters to Indonesian consumers. For a more personalized and effective interaction, you can use chatbots that can understand the language and the context of the customers. However, if you are considering implementing a Bahasa Indonesia chatbot, it is important to understand its limitations and benefits.