How a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Can Help You

A motorcycle accident lawyer can help you recover compensation for your injuries and losses if you have been injured in a motorcycle crash. The lawyer will evaluate your case, file all necessary insurance claims and conduct a thorough investigation of the crash scene to determine liability. He or she will also be able to provide insight into your possible future needs for medical care, lost wages and other damages.

When choosing a motorcycle injury lawyer, consider how much experience they have and what their reputation is like in the community. You should also look for an attorney who cares about their clients’ cases and has a track record of getting results. An experienced lawyer will know when it is appropriate to settle and when to fight for a client’s rights in court.

Once your lawyer has a copy of the police report, he or she will assess the crash site and note any physical evidence such as skid marks, scrapes and gouges that can be used to determine how the accident occurred. In addition, the attorney will try to identify any eyewitnesses who may have seen the accident and obtain their contact information.

If it is determined that the driver responsible for the Motorcycle accident lawyer was at fault, the lawyer will then file all applicable insurance claims to begin coverage investigations. Typically, the first claim filed will be against the liability policy of the at-fault driver. In cases involving commercial drivers such as Ubers, Lifts and trucking companies, the attorney will work to coordinate with their insurance providers to ensure that all potential coverage sources are investigated.

Often, the most significant part of a motorcycle accident claim involves the amount of damages the rider is entitled to receive. A skilled motorcycle injury attorney will be able to assess all past and future financial, medical, therapeutic and rehabilitation needs of a rider to determine what a fair settlement figure would be. He or she will communicate with the victim’s doctor, employer and motorcycle repair technician to help gather and quantify all of a victim’s past and future losses.

The attorney will also be able to assist the client with ensuring that any liens placed on their health insurance benefits are properly handled so that they do not interfere with a potential jury award or settlement. Lastly, the lawyer will assist with filing claims against government entities who are responsible for maintaining roadways and contributing to crashes that result in injuries to motorcyclists.

The Law Offices of Vincent Charles Loiodice has been helping victims of motorcycle accidents in Staten Island since 2017. The firm provides legal assistance for individuals who have suffered from serious injuries due to others’ negligence and intentional acts on roadways. This includes evaluating the accident scene and investigating the cause of a crash, helping with medical care and negotiating with insurance companies or liable parties. If negotiations fail, the firm is prepared to try a case before a judge and jury.