Fraudulent User Detection API

If you run an online business of any kind, fraud and bad users are a serious concern that needs to be addressed. A fraudulent user detection API allows you to automatically check the authenticity of your users and stop any malicious activity from taking place. It can help you mitigate fraud, prevent chargebacks, account takeover, bad users, bots and similar abuses that can hurt your business.

Fraudulent user detection API solutions are relatively easy to integrate with your site and work round the clock to protect you from cyber-attacks, mitigating the risk of payment frauds and other malicious activities. These tools are also cost efficient, as they don’t require your team to constantly review data and monitor suspicious activities.

In addition to detecting fraudulent activities, some of these tools can even block access for those who use proxies or VPNs to hide their real identity and location. They also work to block automated bots that are trying to break into your site using fake logins and passwords.

There are a variety of fraud detection APIs available for iGaming, retail, ecommerce and other verticals. You can choose a solution that works best for you and your users, and based on your unique needs. You can also find a solution that will allow you to customize the rules and logic of how a fraud score is calculated. This is important because it helps you avoid false positives, which could impact the reputation of your business.

Another advantage of fraud detection APIs is that they can provide you with information about a user in a very short period of time. This is particularly useful if you are dealing with high volumes of transactions. For example, you can look up a user’s email address to see if it is disposable and also get social media data (e.g. Viber, Telegram or Facebook) to enrich the data you are using for the risk score.

Some of these tools will also give you a human-readable explanation of how they arrived at their risk score. This way, you can understand how the system made its decision and decide whether to approve or reject a particular transaction. In addition, you can also use these tools to verify a user’s identity by checking the phone number and other public data they have provided. This can be done in a very short period of time, allowing you to get your customers back on the road quickly. Many of these solutions, including SEON, will also let you pay based on the number of API calls that are made, which makes them very cost-effective for your company. This is an excellent option for companies that need to scale up or down quickly and is a great benefit of working with a fraud prevention API.