Finding an Orthodontist in Brisbane Queensland

If you’re in search of an experienced, skilled orthodontist Brisbane has more than just a few options. Brisbane is the fastest growing city in the state (it’s growth is outpacing all other cities in Queensland), and as such it is growing into a much greater cultural hub than before. The influx of Asian immigrants to the city has meant that not only does the population enjoy a wider range of cultural activities but also an increased variety of educational and medical options. Orthodontists now play a more important role in the lives of many from this diverse strata. Here is a list of some of the top professionals to go to in this progressive city.

orthodontist Brisbane

Brisbane orthodontist Faith Hope O’Rourke is one of the most recognized cosmetic and orthodontic general dentists in the country. Her practice is centered around cosmetic dentistry procedures, but she also provides services to patients with jaw disorders, such as spaced teeth, or jaw deficiencies such as underbite or overbite. O’Rourke treats a variety of patients with a mixture of conventional and alternative treatments for adults and children.

Dr. Miguel Delgado is an award-winning general dentist who performs both pediatric and orthodontic dental work. He specializes in braces, veneers, bonding, and teeth straightening. An expert in traditional and advanced cosmetic dentistry techniques, he is well known for his innovative approaches to treatment, which often include both surgical and non-surgical procedures. Because of his training as an oral surgeon, Dr. Delgado can perform all sorts of cosmetic work, including botox | metal braces | teeth | braces -} John Richard is an award-winning Brisbane orthodontist. Like other specialists, Dr. Richard offers a full range of services, including braces, bonding, appliance therapy, and teeth whitening. One of his most innovative techniques involves the use of a “brick sheet” to create alignment where braces have previously been used. Dr. Richard utilizes various technologies, including digital imaging and computer technology, to create innovative designs for the braces patients. His work is featured in numerous publications, including his book, The Straight Talk Guide to Cosmetic Dentistry.

In addition to providing general dentists and orthodontists with teeth straightening solutions, Brisbane Queensland doctors also provide a full range of services that address facial conditions. For example, many of these professionals offer in-office laser procedures, which are used to eliminate fine facial wrinkles and crow’s feet. They also provide treatments for migraines and tension headaches. Many of these specialists are also familiar with jaw exercises, which are sometimes used in conjunction with braces, to eliminate tension and stress that can lead to headaches. These practices have helped many patients feel more confident about their overall appearance.

While these specialists do not perform plastic surgery, they are often considered “minor” surgery in contrast with the more complex and invasive procedures performed by plastic surgeons. Still, when compared to the results of braces, the results of a facial surgery typically appear much more natural. Some patients may be dissatisfied with the results of their braces alone, while others may desire to correct their faces’ flaws with braces alone. Orthodontists are trained to customize solutions for every patient, and so it is important to choose one with a strong reputation. While you will pay more than your regular general dentist for this service, it will be well worth your investment in improving your overall appearance.