Canada has given the world many famous jewellery brands

Canada has given the world many famous jewellery brands. From the Canadian gold maple leaf, to Tiffany Blue Boxes, to diamonds, to moissanite jewellery, there is a wide range of beautiful pieces from the country. The country’s unique aesthetics have helped attract many designers.

Canadian designers are a part of a vibrant and ever-expanding industry. Their designs reflect a contemporary, modern style, and are the embodiment of the creativity of the Great North. They are also making waves in international markets with their handmade, one-of-a-kind pieces.

While there are many types of jewellery made in Canada, fashion jewellery is the most popular. Fashion jewellery can be found in a variety of shapes and styles, including bracelets, necklaces, rings, and earrings. These designs are usually handcrafted by native craftsmen using a variety of materials.

Jewellery in Canada has a rich history and heritage. Throughout the 19th century, there were about 2000 jewellery firms in Canada. Some of them were opticians, while others made and sold their own jewellery. In the 20th century, the government placed a 5% excise tax on jewellery. This tax was later increased to 12%. Today, the government encourages the export of jewellery from Canada through the Department of Industry, Trade and Commerce.

One of the largest jewellery manufacturers in Canada is Charm Diamond Centre. Located in Canada’s largest city of Toronto, this store offers a selection of diamonds, birthstones, engagement rings, and wedding bands. It also carries children’s jewellery and a wide range of Disney and Enchanted Disney collections.

Another popular jewelry store is Blue Nile. Known for its diamond and engagement rings, thisĀ find more online retailer offers free shipping and returns on most orders within 30 days. As well, they offer a diamond price match guarantee. Most of their collections qualify for Canadian delivery.

Another high-end Canadian retailer is Peoples Jewellers. Known as Canada’s leading diamond store, this company collaborates with Shaquille O’Neal and Vera Wang. A popular destination for couples choosing wedding bands, Peoples Jewellers almost always has a sale.

Continuing to promote the jewellery industry, the Canadian government sponsors foreign trade missions for jewellery manufacturers. Additionally, the Department of Industry, Trade and Commerce seeks to open new markets in Britain, Japan, and the US.

As a member of the Canadian Jewellers Association, the member jewellery stores pledge to uphold a 10-point Code of Ethics. The industry has also come under the Precious Metals Marking Act, which was introduced to regulate the quality of precious metals used in jewellery.

To support the industry, the Canadian Jewellers Association provides an extensive list of resources. It provides information about upcoming trade shows and events, and in-depth coverage of trends and market analysis. They also provide digital and print advertising options, which can be beneficial to both suppliers and retailers.

If you’re looking to expand your product offerings, the Canadian Jeweller Magazine is a great resource. It covers the industry’s latest trends and offers an assortment of products from the country’s leading manufacturers.