Cabinet-Painting Tips For Homeowners

If you want to paint your cabinets, there are several tips that can help you do it yourself. First, it’s important to know that cabinet-painters remove the doors and use a primer before painting. If you’re painting high-impact areas, consider high-gloss paint, but for regular use, satin, eggshell, or matte finishes are best. Professional cabinet-painters can help you achieve the best results with less coats and fewer days.

Professional cabinet-painters take the doors off to paint them

When refinishing your kitchen cabinets, hiring a professional cabinet-painting contractor is essential. A professional painter will remove the cabinet doors and drawer fronts, then sand them and prime them before applying two coats of paint. These steps take about an hour and can cost anywhere from $90 per door to $145 per door. The rest of the cost can be attributed to equipment and profit for the contractor.

Primer is used before painting

When applying paint to cabinet doors, it is important to use a primer. Primers are products that help to create a solid bond with metal surfaces. Often, this protective layer prevents oxidation and rust. In many cases, metal products are pre-primed in the factory. Steel doors have a protective coat of zinc that acts as a primer. Various primers are formulated for different metals, but the types and colors may vary by region.

High-gloss paint is best for high-impact areas

The surface of kitchen cabinets is the most likely to see wear their explanation and tear. A high gloss paint finish is best in high-traffic areas and spaces with a lot of humidity. It is easy to wipe down, which makes it a good choice for high-impact cabinetry. However, it has its drawbacks, including the tendency to show dirt and blemishes.

Matte, satin or eggshell finishes are better for daily use

When it comes to painting, satin, eggshell or matte finishes are all excellent choices for walls. These finishes tend to be easier to clean than their counterparts, and they can be used outdoors. Satin is often the best option for high-traffic rooms, because it hides imperfections while making a room appear luxurious. However, satin isn’t as durable as its counterparts, and it doesn’t hide imperfections very well. Therefore, a satin finish is better suited for a bedroom or other surface that isn’t used frequently.


There are many factors to consider when calculating the cost of cabinet painting. The complexity of the painting process depends on the number of doors and drawer faces, the color and stain to be used, and whether the work is done on-site or in a shop. The time needed to complete the project will also affect the overall cost. To make your project more affordable, consider hiring a professional who works at odd hours and offers competitive pricing.