5 Types of Solartex Window Tinting

SolarTex window tinting films reject the heat emitted from the sun and increase interior comfort by blocking harmful UV rays. They are ideal for all seasons and will also help you lower your energy bills. Moreover, these films will prevent fading of your interior furnishings. Aside from these benefits, SolarTex window tinting films are easy to install and can last for many years.

LLumar films with a Lifetime Warranty

If you are in the market for solar window tinting, LLumar films are an excellent choice. Their lifetime warranties cover fading, bubbling, peeling, and delamination. Some of these films also come with a 60-month warranty for thermal stress. This warranty is one of the longest in the industry.

LLumar also offers UVShield, a clear film that blocks harmful UV rays and is recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation. It is made from a high-performance resin adhesive, which prevents bubbles and cracks and repels heat. In addition to providing UV protection, Llumar’s films are EnergyStar certified.

Ceramic tint reduces glare without a dark tint

Ceramic window tints are a great way to improve your car’s visibility without adding a dark tint. They use nanotechnology to create an ultra-thin film that absorbs light rays. Not only is this helpful for your eyes, but it can also protect your interior from the glare from outside.

Another benefit of ceramic window tints is their resistance to heat and UV rays. Unlike traditional window tints, these don’t fade or discolor. They also don’t interfere with your electronics. Plus, they reduce energy consumption, which saves you money on gas and your car’s A/C bill.

Metalized film reduces fading of interior furnishings

Metalized film can reduce fading of interior furnishings by blocking UV rays and heat. This film can also help with blocking heat from your body. ThisĀ window tinting Fort Myers Florida film can prevent fading by reducing interior reflectivity at night. It also blocks up to 71% of the heat emitted by the sun, making it perfect for rooms that are exposed to sunlight for long periods of time. In addition, it has an impressive warranty from 3M.

UV rays are the primary cause of fading. UV rays are constantly heating fabrics and surfaces, accelerating the breakdown of materials. Visible light also accelerates the fading process. The use of metalized film on windows can reduce visible light significantly.

Hybrid film reduces glare with a shinier look

Solartex Hybrid film is a hybrid of two types of window film: a dyed layer and a metalized layer. The dyed layer has a shinier appearance and reduces glare while the metalized layer has a more reflective and expensive look.

Both films offer similar UV and heat performance. In addition, these films do not affect the look of the glass. These films also provide better performance than factory-tinted privacy glass.