Why Hire a Private Investigator in Brazil?

As a country with one of the largest economies in Latin America, Brazil is home to an incredible wealth disparity between rich and poor. This economic imbalance creates a breeding ground for crime and gang activity which ranks amongst the world’s most active and deadly. As a result, the detective industry is booming in Brazil. The nation has a high number of private investigators, many of whom are former police or military operatives, who have made a successful transition into this lucrative business.

As Brazilian enforcement on corruption practices private investigator in brazil and corporate wrongdoings has been increasing since 2013, the number of companies and individuals that have voluntarily waived professional confidentiality in order to cooperate with law enforcement authorities in anti-corruption proceedings has increased significantly. In exchange for leniency, the holding company of a major Brazilian business group agreed to conduct internal investigations in its own companies and hand over the results to the government in a massive corruption scandal that has implicated politicians and businessmen never before reached by law enforcement authorities.

Brazilian legal professionals have criticized the new instrument, saying that it violates the constitutional guarantee of the right not to self-incriminate and is an unethical way to gather evidence. However, the cooperation mechanism has proved to be an effective tool in the fight against corrupt business practices and corporate wrongdoings.

Whether it is tracking down a witness or a potential employee, a private investigator in brazil can help you find the information you need. Private investigators are licensed and regulated in Brazil, adhering to strict ethical and professional standards. They are also able to provide you with an official certificate/document to demonstrate the scope of their work to your employer or other legal entities.

In addition to law firm, corporate and insurance company investigations, private investigators in Brazil often help individuals who are looking for background information about a person before marriage or to assist them with the process of obtaining a visa in order to reside in another country such as the United States or Europe. Similarly, private investigators in Brazil can assist with finding assets that a person has hidden from others.

Those who obtain judgments in court in Brazil often have difficulty collecting on them due to the lack of information about the person’s true financial situation and their ability to pay. This is where an experienced BrazilCo private investigator can make a huge difference. We can conduct searches on property, bank accounts, brokerage and stock information, as well as search on any businesses registered in Brazil under a person’s name to locate what they are owed. We can then work with you and your legal counsel to secure what is rightfully yours. Our team of seasoned investigators in Brazil seamlessly combines litigation support with private investigation and thrives on complex, sensitive and intense cases. For more information on how we can assist you with your case, contact us today.