Types of Paint Protection Film

There are many different types of paint protection film that are available for your vehicle. In this article, we will look at Ceramic Pro Kavaca, XPEL ULTIMATE, and LLumar. Each offers different benefits for your car’s exterior. Listed below are some of the benefits of each.

Ceramic Pro Kavaca

Kavaca paint protection film is an ideal choice for your car’s paint. It is an aliphatic polyurethane film that offers superior performance and is self-healing, which protects your paint from damage. It can last as long as 12 years, and it can be transferred to the next owner.

The Kavaca paint protection film provides superior protection for your car by bonding directly to the clear coat of factory paint. It is also better at reducing swirl marks than other types of paint protection film. You can combine Kavaca with a custom-formulated Ceramic Pro 9H Vinyl coating for even better protection.


XPEL ULTIMATE paint-protection film is an energy-absorbent polyurethane film that acts as a shield of armor for your vehicle’s paint. Unlike most types of protection film, XPEL uses a hand-drawn, measured, and tested template to create a custom film that will fit your car perfectly. Once installed, the film will keep your vehicle’s paint protected for years.

XPEL Ultimate is a high-tech barrier that protects your vehicle’s finish from road debris, insects, and rock chips. It works as a protective barrier for your paint by dispersing impact energy through the film’s middle layer. As a result, the film will protect your vehicle’s finish and help it look better than ever. XPEL paint protection film comes in 60-inch widths, so you can cover your car’s entire hood or just select areas.


Whether you’re in the St Louis area for a new car or are a homeowner looking paint protection film St Louis for a way to protect your existing paint, LLumar paint protection film is an excellent solution. The company has thousands of authorized dealers nationwide, many of which are locally owned and operated. In addition, LLumar is now available in over 100 countries.

LLumar’s Self-Healing Paint Protection Film is the ideal choice for protecting your car’s finish from everyday wear and tear. It is virtually invisible, and blends in seamlessly with your vehicle’s factory or custom paint. Plus, the film is self-healing, providing long-term protection against paint chipping. What’s more, LLumar offers a five-year warranty on its work.


Kavaca paint protection film St Louis is a superior solution for protecting your car’s finish from the elements. It is specially designed to adhere to the most vulnerable areas of your car’s surface and add an additional layer of protection. It can even be applied over a Ceramic Pro 9H coating.

The film is made using state-of-the-art technologies and premium raw materials. It is self-healing and prevents paint damage from even minor scratches. It does not need any special treatment to work, unlike other paint protection films. The film can be installed over a Ceramic Pro coating without damaging the original finish.

Xclusive Autosound & Security

Xclusive Autosound & security paint protection film St Louis is a top-notch automotive audio and security service provider that serves the Belleville, Illinois, area. Their expert staff installs car audio and security systems, while tinting the windows. In addition, they offer paint protection film and remote start & alarm installations for a comprehensive car security system.