Train Trips Across Canada

10 Reasons to Explore Canada by Rail

You can take a train trip across Canada to experience the vast scale and diversity of the country. From snow-capped mountains to lush rainforest, the country’s landscapes are incredibly diverse. From one end of the country to the other, you can take an unforgettable trip, which can take as long as 21 days, or as short as a week, and still experience the best of the natural beauty and culture of this vast country. To plan your trip, find out more about some of the best options available and choose a train trip that will fit your schedule.

Rocky Mountaineer

Taking Rocky Mountaineer train trips across Canada is the perfect way to see stunning scenery from the comfort of a train. With stops in Banff, Jasper and Vancouver, passengers can enjoy spectacular views of the Canadian Rockies. They can also catch a glimpse of wildlife along the way, as the train travels at a comfortable 35 mph. Premium-level travel includes meals and alcoholic beverages. The Rocky Mountaineer runs regularly in mid-April through mid-October.

Polar Bear Express

The Polar Bear Express is a rail service in northern¬†Canadian train tour packages Ontario that travels from Cochrane in the north woods to Moosonee on the edge of James Bay. 186 miles of spectacular forests, piney air, and shimmering lakes are yours to explore. You’ll also pass through the town of Moose Factory, Ontario, which was the first outpost of the Hudson’s Bay Company, and the site of bloody rivalry between French and English pioneers.

Agawa Canyon Tour Train

The Agawa Canyon Tour Train is an incredible one-day rail trip that takes passengers through the Canadian wilderness. You’ll experience stunning scenery from lakes and rivers to rugged granite rock formations in the Canadian Shield. It’s one of the most iconic rail tours in North America. But you’ll need to bring some food and drink on board. No garbage facilities are available in the area, so bring food and drink from home.

Wheatland Express Excursion Train

The Wheatland Express is a popular excursion train in Saskatchewan. The train is currently redesigning its railcars and developing new experiences for its 2021 season. As part of a collaboration between Tourism Saskatchewan and TourismCafe, the train is working to improve the experience for tourists. In the meantime, passengers can enjoy the train as it moves from one part of Saskatchewan to another. For more information, visit

VIA Business Class

When traveling to Canada by train, there are several ways to get the most out of your experience. You can choose from economy class tickets, which provide basic accommodations, to Business Class tickets, which provide deluxe amenities and extras such as private bathrooms and TVs. Alternatively, you can opt to book a private cabin, which has a bed for one to three people. In both cases, you’ll find great service from the staff and pristine cabins.