Stamps Accessories

Whether you are just beginning to collect stamps or have been collecting for a long time, there are many different accessories you can use to ensure your collections remain as authentic as possible. Whether you are looking to calibrate perforations or just clean up the collection, there are a number of options for stamp collecting that will help keep your collections safe. For example, Mintage World offers tools for calibrating perforations, which are necessary for ensuring that your notes and stamps are of the highest quality. Also, if the notes have small tears or folds, or have been tampered with, the market value will drop dramatically.


TRAXX is a leading manufacturer of marking devices. Though Stamps Guide relatively young in age, the company already has an established presence in more than 90 countries. Their full line of marking devices includes self-inking plastic stamps, heavy duty metal stamps, manual bankers and band stamps, and pocketstamps. Moreover, TRAXX is constantly developing new products to meet the changing trends of the office environment.


When it comes to collecting and preserving your precious stamps, SAFE is the name you can trust. Their extensive line of stamp accessories includes everything you need to store your precious stamps in the best condition possible. Whether you are an amateur or a professional, SAFE has something for everyone. From hingeless stamp albums to yearly supplements, SAFE has the perfect storage system for your stamps. Read on to learn more about these innovative products.

These SAFE approval cards come with everything you need to store and display your stamps. They can hold single stamps, pairs of stamps, and plate blocks. The boxes are completely plasticizer-free and have full instructions on how to use them. SAFE stamps accessories are made from durable, archival materials that are safe for your collection. Even high-end dealers use SAFE cards to store their high-grade stock.

Elbe Philatelic Products

G&K’s Elbe brand manila card stock pages are perfect for preserving your precious stamp collections. These extra-sturdy pages have 12 rows for single stamps, and are available in individual pages or packs of 100. G&K’s Elbe catalog features the most comprehensive selection of philatelic products. Each page measures approximately 5 x 8 inches and is available in single or multipack quantities.

The company’s history can be traced back to 1917. Paul Koch and his business partner, Bein, founded a publishing house in Aschersleben, Germany. The company was named KABE after Koch and Bein. The Kochs sold the publishers in the 1930s, and they moved to Goeppingen. Paul Koch and his business partner, Karl Bein, continued to work together to produce stamp albums and stamp accessories.