Pennsylvania Medicare Supplement Plans

There are many different Medicare supplement plans available in PA. However, due to the fact that many residents in the state do not have access to this coverage, insurance companies do offer Medigap services in this state at competitive rates. Most insurance companies that offer Medicare supplement plans in PA offer these services at rates that are at least competitive with other areas in the country. So regardless of where you live in Pennsylvania, there are likely to be several options that will meet your healthcare needs and are within your budget.

Certain states which do not yet have an established Medicare system require private insurance providers to offer Medigap services in that state in addition to Medicare. However, because all original Medicare programs (Part A and Part B), most patients in these areas will qualify for a Medicare supplement plan (Medigap). Whether you are already a Medicare recipient or are a single senior who qualifies for Medicare, you should strongly consider obtaining a Medigap policy to provide ongoing Medicare coverage even if you are not a dual eligible patient. Because Medigap policies pay a higher percentage of a hospital bill than Medicare does, it is significantly better than Medicare. And, because there is very little difference in cost between a Medigap policy and a Medicare policy, you can save a significant amount of money on both.

The easiest way to obtain affordable, quality Medigap coverage in Pennsylvania is to contact Medicare Options. For a minimal monthly fee, Medicare Options allows you to select a group of physician’s from a list of approved hospitals in the state. When you visit a physician, Medicare Part A will cover the remainder of your hospital bills. Medicare Part B covers the rest. You must have a Medicare card to participate in the plan.

Medicare supplement plans in PA offer several options to those with Medicare. They are: PPOs (preferred provider organizations), private companies that provide Medicare supplement plans in PA; FFSAs (Fresher’s FFSAs), state-administered Medicare Advantage Plans in PA; and SIMPS (Supplemental Security Income Supplement), which is a state-administered program for individuals with Medicare. Each plan has different coverage terms and different deductibles and premium rates. Contact Medicare Options for a comprehensive summary of plan terms and conditions. Some providers in PA also offer Medicare Parts A and B through their own plans, referred to as MBS.

In some areas, particularly areas with high premiums and co-pays, Medicare supplement plans in PA may not be a good idea. Residents in these areas should shop for supplemental insurance at different times of the year, as the prices charged by different providers can change at any time. For example, some hospitals charge more in winter months, when there is a higher demand for hospital stays, than in summer, when there are fewer people needing treatment. As such, it may be better financially for an individual to select a different plan at different times of the year, or to enroll in Medicare early, if one exists. Consulting with an experienced medicare professional is a good way to determine which plan would be best for you.

Medicare supplement plans in PA are usually selected based on the coverage needs identified by the applicant. However, applicants should be aware of the out-of-pocket costs associated with the selected plan. Some plans have higher out-of-pocket costs, which may make the policy invalid for certain medical conditions. This is why it is critical that applicants fully understand all Medicare Parts A and B benefits, as well as the out-of-pocket costs that go along with them.