Mexicano Room-Fold Door

Mexicano internal doors are available in a variety of finishes. From oak to laminate, there’s an option to match your home’s style and colour scheme. They are also available in engineered oak, which offers several advantages over solid oak. It has a higher level of humidity and temperature resistance, making it ideal for use in kitchens. This type of wood also retains the classic look and feel of solid oak while being less prone to warping and cracking.

Oak Mexicano Unfinished Door

The Oak Mexicano Unfinished Door is a superb choice for homes in which glazing is not a requirement. With deep V-grooves and vertical panels, the unfinished door gives a contemporary feel to any home. Made from FSC-certified wood, the doors are available in a range of sizes.

Oak Mexicano Room-Fold Doors come in two finishes: solid oak or laminate. The latter provides a number of benefits over solid oak. These include increased resistance to temperature and humidity fluctuations, which makes them particularly useful in damp areas, such as kitchens. The doors are also available in different leaf sizes, so they can be customised to fit a range of different sized openings.

French folding room divider system

The Mexicano folding room divider system incorporates all the benefits of a bifold door with the flexibility to fold neatly against an adjacent wall. ThisĀ mexicano oak internal doors system is available in solid oak and is supplied with comprehensive fitting instructions. Alternatively, you can choose from a range of other internal Mexicano doors to create a consistent look throughout your home.

Oak Mexicano Fire Door

The Oak Mexicano fire door is prefinished and comes with a traditional panel design in oak. It is a great choice for your home.

Oak Mexicano Veneer Door

The Mexicano oak range of internal doors is a beautiful combination of contemporary and rustic design. Its engineered oak veneer and strong, modern core are a perfect match for homes that have contemporary or cottage-style aesthetics. Its distinctive, clean vertical lines and minimal detailing make it the perfect choice for any modern property.

Oak Mexicano Panel Door

If you are a fan of Scandi-style interior design, you’ll love the elegant style of the Oak Mexicano Panel Door. This interior door features five vertical panels made from solid Oak and an engineered wood core. The door is available in several sizes, and comes with a quality finish and veneers. It can also be ordered in a light grey or white color.