IPQualityScore (IPQS) provides expert email validation

IPQualityScore (IPQS) provides expert email validation and fraud prevention solutions. Their IPQualityScore Email Validation API offers real-time data points that determine the reputation of an email address. Besides identifying abusive user behavior, the API also checks the validity of an email address across multiple mail services. This helps improve your email deliverability rates. It also prevents users from signing up with fake or disposable emails.

IPQS Email Verification is a cloud-based software tool that is designed to validate emails. It also works with most major mail services and offers an extensive Email Reputation Score. Typically, this process will take less than a minute to complete. The service offers over 15 data points, including a check for the domain configuration of an email. You can also query individual emails to gain more insight into their content.

IPQS Email Verification provides a range of advanced features and services, all of which are customized to meet your needs. From a free email validation solution to a custom pricing model, IPQS can help you keep your emails secure and improve the quality of your email lists.

IPQS offers email verification and reporting of fraudulent data to protect businesses and online customers from high-risk transactions. They also provide a real-time fraud detection and scoring system that IPQualityScore email validator tracks and detects frequent complainers and spam traps. Additionally, they offer a specialized service for honeypot and stolen identities. Moreover, their proprietary methods support email blockers, such as SPAmAssassin, to prevent fraudulent transactions. Lastly, IPQS provides a human point of contact to help with setup and account management.

Despite the many benefits of IPQS, it is important to remember that email addresses are not perfect. Many of them may be of low value or of no value at all. Therefore, it is essential to maintain proper email list hygiene. By doing so, you can keep your inbox from clogging up with invalid or low-quality emails. Keeping your email lists clean can also prevent bounces and SPAM filters from deterring your senders.

IPQS also includes advanced features, such as a reverse email lookup, to help identify fake or stolen user data. When you have a suspicious email on your list, it’s critical to verify it before sending it. In addition, the IPQS API can help you report fraudulent data, which can lead to a lower risk of email abuse.

Aside from IPQS’s email verification API, they also offer disposable email detection API. This API will help you ensure that you have a healthy user base by preventing the creation of fake accounts and blacklists. Ultimately, this helps increase the value of your user base and the value of your leads.

If you are looking for a comprehensive and reliable solution for email validation, IPQS is one of the best options available. The service offers a free service, which you can use for under 5,000 emails per month. Alternatively, you can subscribe to one of the packages they offer, which start at $20 a month.