How to Choose a Commercial Moving Company

Commercial movers specialize in moving business equipment, computers, and other sensitive equipment. They also help businesses set up offices and cubicles, so they can get up and running as soon as possible.

Whether you are moving a small or large office, a commercial mover can make the process easier and less stressful. Some movers will even give you free moving estimates.

Some companies also offer financing to help with the cost of your move. They may have 0% APR offers to help you keep costs down.

Commercial moving company pricing is usually based on two factors: the type of business you are moving and how much equipment you have. You can expect to pay more for a large business and less for a small business.

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Licensing and Insurance: Look for a commercial moving company that is licensed to do business in your state. This will ensure that you have a safe, secure move that doesn’t break the law or cause unnecessary disruptions to your business operations.

Customer Reviews: Check the online reviews of each moving company you consider to see if they’ve received positive or negative feedback. If you notice a pattern of complaints about the moving company, contact them and ask for additional information.

DOT Licensing: Many states require that moving companies obtain a license to operate. You can search for commercial movers on the FMCSA website to ensure that they are properly licensed to do business in your area.

Guaranteed shipment: Some movers will give you a guaranteed delivery date so that you can be sure to know when your items will arrive at their new destination. This can ease the pressure on you as a business owner because it gives you peace of mind that your items will make it to their new location.

Packing and storage included: Some movers will include packing, loading, and transportation in their basic move packages. These moving companies will also give you up to 30 days of storage as part of the deal, which can come in handy if your move is delayed or you need more time to pack and unpack.

Add-On Services: Some moving companies offer specialized packaging and other services that others don’t. It’s important to determine if the commercial moving company you choose can handle any extra services that you might need, such as a storage unit or specialized IT moving.

Container Shipping: Some movers offer moving containers that you can fill up over the course of several days. Then, they will transport the container to your new location and empty it out once you’ve moved in. This option is often more affordable than hiring a dedicated commercial mover, but it can be less secure.