How to Bundle Moving and Storage

Moving and storage are often considered separate activities, but they can actually go hand-in-hand. Incorporating storage into your move can make the process much less hectic and stressful by giving you the time and space to pack and unpack at a pace that works for you, rather than having to rush or feel rushed. Choosing a moving and storage company that offers both services can also help you save money by bundling the two together.

It’s important to consider how long you need your items stored, and that will affect the type of moving solution you choose. If you only need your things for a short period of time, then you can go with a portable storage container such as those offered by PODS or a local self-storage unit. If you have a longer-term need, then going with a full-service moving and storage company that can store your belongings in their warehouse while your home is being prepped for sale or while you are searching for a new apartment might be the best option for you.

Using a storage facility can be a great way to protect your furniture and valuables during a renovation or remodel job, whether it’s your home or an office building that you manage. It’s easy for renovation work to extend past the expected timeline, and you can save yourself a lot of stress by having a professional storage company keep your belongings safe and secure while they’re not in use.

One of the most common reasons that people require a move and storage service is that they’re in transition between homes. This is especially true if they’re relocating from an out-of-town area and need to stay in temporary housing while looking for a permanent place to settle down. By having a professional mover store your belongings while you’re in this limbo period, you can rest assured that your furniture, electronics, and other essentials are kept safely until you finally decide on and secure a permanent location for yourself.

In addition to the aforementioned benefits, using a storage facility can be beneficial for those who need to declutter or downsize their belongings. If you’re in the process of selling your home and are getting rid of a large number of household goods, storing them at a warehouse can give you time to sell them or donate them before they get picked up by strangers. In addition to this, many moving and storage companies offer month-to-month contracts, making it easy for you to get out of the deal if it’s no longer working for your needs. Lastly, having your belongings in a warehouse can prevent them from being stolen or damaged during the moving process. This can be a huge concern for people who are moving into a new city like New York, where crime is higher than in most other areas of the country.