How a Medical Malpractice Lawyer Can Help You File a Lawsuit

Mistakes by doctors, nurses and pharmacists can have life-threatening consequences. The wrong medication may be prescribed causing permanent side effects or surgery can go wrong and result in serious injury. In such cases it is important to have a skilled New York medical malpractice lawyer to protect your rights. Our team of dedicated attorneys has the experience and track record to successfully represent you in a medical malpractice case. We have obtained many million dollar verdicts and settlements for our clients.

While most people understand that there are certain crimes that can be prosecuted in court such as murder and rape, the laws tend to be more lenient when it comes to filing a lawsuit against a healthcare provider for their errors. For this reason, it is vital to get in touch with a competent medical malpractice lawyer right away.

The first step in a medical malpractice lawsuit is to establish that the victim has suffered damages. This can include financial compensation for loss of wages, medical expenses, funeral expenses and other related damages. In addition, victims of medical malpractice can receive compensation for pain and suffering.

A skilled New York medical malpractice lawyer can also assist with establishing negligence by the defendant physician. This can be done through the use of expert witnesses. Such experts can explain to the jury how the doctor failed to follow a standard of care for his or her specialty and that failure resulted in actual harm to the patient.

Another way that our lawyers can prove negligence is through depositions of medical personnel who were involved in the treatment of the patient. This could be a nurse, a surgeon’s assistant or even the patient’s family members. Our lawyers are well versed in depositions and can effectively question the witness to uncover information that would otherwise remain confidential.

Once the complaint, summons and answer are filed in court, a period of discovery will take place. This allows both sides to share information with each other. Medical records and doctor’s notes are typically among the items that will be requested.

After the discovery process is complete, both sides will prepare for trial. Usually this involves hiring expert witnesses to testify on behalf of the client as well as taking depositions.

It is common for both sides in a lawsuit to have disputes over the outcome of the trial. If the claimant believes that the decision made by the judge was incorrect, they can choose to file an appeal with a higher court.

The New York law firm of Jaroslawicz & Jaros has more than 40 years of medical malpractice experience and has a solid track record of success. In 1984, our founder Abraham Jaros won the first $1 million-plus verdict in a medical malpractice case in Sullivan County. Since then we have won millions of dollars for our clients from all over New York. Contact us for a free consultation with an experienced medical malpractice attorney in New York City.