Grinders Plates and Replacement Blades

Grinders have a range of plates and replacement blades that determine the size of your grind. Using the right plate on your food grinder attachment is essential for creating the texture and size of ground meat you need for recipes. Depending on the type of grinder you have, your recipe and intended use you may require a fine grinding plate, a medium grinding plate or a coarse grinding plate.

Choosing the best grinder knife to match your plate will also determine how well your food processor performs. Stainless steel blades last up to three times longer than carbon steel. Generally, you want to always keep your knives and plates matched (as in the same set) so they operate together in similar fashion. This will ensure they both wear at the same rate and prevent one side from becoming worn out before the other.

To properly change a Hobart meat saw repair parts plate or knife you need to first make sure your stand mixer is unplugged and all other attachments have been removed. Locate the plate and locate the notch where it attaches to the grinder body. Insert the blade into the center hole of the plate, making sure it aligns correctly with the notch on the grinder body. When your knife is dull or rusty you can either replace the plate or use the same blade with the other side of the plate (if it has an unused side).

To clean your grinder plates, knives and food tray, remove them from the unit, wash in warm, soapy water and dry completely before re-assembling. Be sure to wipe down the entire attachment and food pusher as well. It is important to store the grinder parts in a cool, dry place to protect them from humidity that could cause rusting.