Commercial Versus Residential Garage Doors

Garage door

A garage door is usually a large door separating a garage from the house or other spaces in the garage. Garage doors are commonly high enough to accommodate large automobiles and several other vehicles. Smaller garage doors can be created in a single panel that tilts back and forward over the entire garage ceiling. These doors can also be controlled with a remote device. This article provides information on creating a garage door both large and small.

There are several things to consider when choosing garage doorways. Firstly, you should look at the type of materials used for the doorway including the insulation. The insulation of garage doors can help reduce the electricity bills since heat rises and cools rapidly as opposed to cold air. Secondly, look for a company that specializes in sectional doors since they tend to be more efficient and easier to install than other types of doors. The doors may also have more curb appeal because they are simpler and more modern looking.

If you live in areas of high humidity and temperatures, fiberglass is a good material to use for your garage door. Fiberglass is strong and long lasting however it is not waterproof like other materials and it can be easily broken into pieces by high winds. Aluminum is another choice of material but it is not recommended for areas that receive heavy snowfall or extremely high humidity since this can cause the metal to rust. For these types of climates, you can use insulated glass garage doors.

Wood is one of the oldest and most common garage door materials. This material has the advantage of being easy to maintain and come in a wide variety of styles and colors. Wood can warp if exposed to excessive moisture and is not very appealing to the eye unless carefully painted. It can be expensive to professionally installed wooden garage doors and if you are on a budget, you may consider vinyl or aluminum instead. Both of these materials are less expensive and much easier to maintain.

There are also many disadvantages to using wood garage doors. One of the main problems is that they can rot if exposed to extreme temperatures or if they become wet and mossy. Rotting garage doors will not only affect the appearance of your home, but will also increase your heating and cooling costs because wood requires more maintenance. Even the smallest amount of mold can make your home look unattractive. If you decide to use this material, then you will need to find ways to keep mold out of your home.

If you cannot afford to install a fiberglass door or if you live in an area where wood is not an appropriate material, then there are other options. You can choose between steel, aluminum, or wood based on your budget and your preference. Steel doors are a popular option as they require little maintenance and they come in many different colors. However, aluminum and fiberglass are both better options for residential garage doors because they are more durable and you do not have to worry about rotting garage doors.